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Automatic Frozen Liquid Pesticide Filling Plunger Servo Filling Machine. Automatic Frozen Liquid Pesticide  Filling Plunger Servo Filling Machine.

1.Automatic frozen liquid pesticide filling machine

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1 English-Chinese interface,intelligent contact screen,human design,easy operation.

2 Imported filling valve,avoiding drop leaking,accurate filling quantity.

3 Program logic controller PLC ,easy for changing size or modifying parameters.

4 Pneumatic elements are all imported,stability and reliability.

5 Accurate liquid sensing,automatically adding liquid, Electromagnetic Flowmeter.

6 Solely and specially-designed whole lifting device,easy governing to meet the needs of all kinds of container packing.

7 Photo-electric sensing and pneumatic linking control,automatic protection for shortage of bottles.

8 Pneumatic executive control valve,high efficiency and safety.Each flow passage can be separately governed and cleaned.

9 Close positioning design,easy governing,suitable for packing of all sizes of bottles.

10 the whole machine is designed according to requirements of GMP.

The principle

1) the conveyor belt speed reducer adopts step speed regulation motor, can according to need, adjust the bottle feeding speed, so as to adjust the speed of the machine.

2) filling metering pump adopts gravity method, simple structure, convenient debug, uses the level control inside bucket capacity


Main structure

This equipment is mainly composed of the top drip irrigation, filling valve body, transmission positioning device of this a few parts。



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