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Automatic Pop Can Tinplate Tin Filling Machine.(Model:18-4D) Automatic Pop Can Tinplate  Tin Filling Machine.(Model:18-4D)

1. Automatic Can Filling Machine.
2. Model:18-4D

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1. Usage: this is used for filling beverage drink into tin can. Full automatically; it can finish (bottle), filling and capping  in the one machine.

2. Production capacity: 3000cph for 350ml;  

3. Material:Connection parts with liquid use SUS 304Stainless steel (l Food grade), Made in China, Drive structure、gear wheel A4 carbon-steel quenching 


Filling value adopt high precision mechanical value, achieving high speed and precision level.

Filling tank is sealed with stainless steel SUS304, balanced pressure filling which can speed up the filling and keeping the substance away from the air.

Main drive adopts frequency conversion stepless. The whole machine is controlled by PLC. Filler and seamer are connected by shaft which assures synchronization.

No can, no filling. No can, no seaming

Seaming wheel adopts high hardness alloy steel, seaming curve is from precision process with projection grinder which assures the seaming quality. Can feeding system can easily be changed according to the type of can.

The machine has lubrication system.



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