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High Speed Servo Technology Bottle Blowing Machine High Speed Servo Technology Bottle Blowing Machine

1.bottle material: PET
2.bottle volume :200ml-2l

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  • Product Description


i. Innovation of mold locking system

ii. Application of the servo PLC system

iii. Application of the servo motor

. Energy-efficient heating system


III. Performance and Advantages

 i. The man-machine interface is easy to operate. Everything is computerized, including temperature adjustment and preform distribution.

 ii. Preform unscrambling, loading, bottle handling and ordering are all operated by stainless steel manipulator automatically without a second contamination.

iii. The circulating chilling water system can protect the bottle neck against deformation when the preform is being heated.

iv.The homothermal heater adopts auto reflection and closed loop adjusting system which have the power supplied constantly in proportion, not affected by the fluctuation of voltage. The conveying chain is short pitched and paratactic, which helps to realize slow heating and low power consumption. As a result, the preform can be heated evenly and easy to blow.

iv. The positioned installation of molds makes it possible to change molds easily within one hour.

v. All the critical parts we use for the machines, such as the electrical, pneumatic components, servo motor, etc, are famous branded parts imported from Japan, USA and Europewhich ensures the stability and long life of our equipments.

IV. Easy Maintenance

  Since the machine is connected to the programmable logic controller (PLC) via particular communicating cables, the user can manage all the actions of the machine through the PLC, which will send warning signals and the problem diagnosis report to the operators when there is something wrong with the machine. Accordingly, the operators can easily find out the causes that lead to the problems through the indications shown and fix them quickly.

V. Safety

  R series is equipped with following mechanic and electric protecting devices in order to assure the safety of operators and durable stable operation of the machine.

i. The safety of operators

  The machine is totally enclosed with perfect reliable safety door and also equipped with aluminum antislip plate on the principal surface, which can assure operators' safety to the largest degree.

ii. The safety of the machine

  The multiple points detection technique is adopted to ensure the safe running of the positioning system, the clamping system and the stretching system to the largest degree.


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