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NC-series Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine NC-series Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine

1.Bottle volume :200ml~2L;
2.Bottle material: PE/PET;
3.Automatic sleeve labeling machine

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Automatic sleeve labeling machine

Advanced industrial human-machine interface control. It uses high quality international brand key components.

Can easily be fitted and used in conjunction with other product lines.

Uniquely designed blade holding seat which need not be replaced. Changing blade is fast and easy.

Adjustment for use with various bottle types and sizes can be made without the use of tools.

Accommodates 5"~10" core size labeling materials.

Thermal heating shrink tunnel

This machine applicable for PVC. PET shrink material

It is used with the label roll

Product efficiency:150bottles/min

Model: NC-150

Input Voltage ∮3,380V,50hz


Size of host machine: 2100L*850W*2000H(mm)

Applicable diameter of bottle body: 28mm-120mm

Applicable length of label: 30mm-250mm

Applicable thickness of label: 0.03mm-0.13mm

weight: 280KG


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