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CSD filling production line

CSD Filling Production Line

The carbonated beverage filling line is suitable for industrial production of various kinds of carbonated water/COLA/fruit flavor carbonated beverage equipment. According to different formulations can produce different flavors of gas drinks.

Carbonate drinks filling line includes: water purify system , carbonated mixing system , cooling chiller , carbonated mixer , Rinsing-Filling-Capping mono-block  filling system, bottle warming &sterilization system ,rear packing system, bottle blowing system etc.



1. High filling accuracy: The filling line has a liquid level positioning system to ensure that the liquid level of each bottle of beverage is reunified and the filling accuracy is guaranteed

2. Sufficient gas content: With a high-fold mixing system, it can reach a high-fold content of carbon dioxide

3.4. The filling line is equipped with a complete set of lubrication system, lubrication and transportation, and prolongs the service life of the equipment

6. The filling system is equipped with Italian imported oil pump, ABB motor, Siemens control system, and food-grade 304/316 material.


CSD Filling Production Line



01Carbonated Drinks Mixing System

Beverage mixer is to improve the proportion of water, syrup and carbon dioxide precise and carefully designed, using foreign advanced technology - static mixer to reduce the water layer, increase carbonization time, ensure the beverage mixing effect;The use of carbon dioxide reflux deoxidation, not only save carbon dioxide, and achieve the purpose of deoxidation;The high quality water pump and Siemens electric appliance constitute a complete automatic control system, which has the advantages of coordinated movement, beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning and high degree of automation, suitable for mixing various types of drinks.Such as soft drinks, fruit drinks, cola and other soft and hard drinks.

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Carbonated Drinks Mixing System

02Bottle Filling System

This series of equipment is used in the production of PET bottle containing gas beverage (carbonated beverage).The machine has three functions of bottle flushing, filling and capping in one, realizing full automation and applicable to all kinds of bottle types.Adopting the bottleneck technology, decanting only needs to adjust the height of the conveying chain, which is more efficient and labor-saving.The filling method adopts the new type of micro-pressure filling, filling faster and more stable.The host machine adopts advanced PLC programming automatic control, and the key electrical components are all of international famous brands.The machine design is scientific and reasonable, high yield and low failure rate.

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Bottle Filling System

03Bottle Warming System

Used in thermostable polyester bottle tea beverage, hot filling and polyester bottle carbonated beverage filling production line, it can cool tea beverage in high temperature filling to 36-40℃ and carbonated beverage in low temperature filling to 36-40℃, remove condensation water on the surface of polyester bottle, and have sterilization effect, keep the bottle dry and clean.

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Bottle Warming System

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