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Wine Filling Machine

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Wine/Beer Filling Machine

The beer production process is divided into several processes such as malt making, wort making, pre-fermentation, post-fermentation, filtration and sterilization, and packaging. Beer filling and capping machines are part of the packaging process.

After the beer is filtered by the membrane, it is sent to the rotating beer tank through the pipeline, and then enters the bottle through the filling valve, and then the bottled beer is obtained after capping. The work efficiency and automation of the beer filling and capping machine directly affect the daily output of beer.

This series of glass bottle beer filling machines are specially used for isobaric filling production lines for glass bottled beer and carbonated beverages. Filling adopts primary or secondary vacuuming technology, which has the function of automatically closing the valve and flushing broken glass, and stimulates the foam with hot water before capping.

Wine Filling Machine

Complete production line of Wine/Beer Filling Machine

1. Malt Milling System

2. Brewery Systems

3. Fermentation system

4. Cooling system

5. CIP system

6. Filtration system

7. Filling system (integrated beer filling machine)

8. Labeling system (shrink sleeve labeling machine/OPP labeling machine) / self-adhesive labeling machine)

9. End packing (PE shrink wrapping machine/carton packing machine)

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