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Oil Filling Machine

Oil Filling Machine introduction

Oil Filling Machine adopts PLC microcomputer programmable control, which integrates optics, machinery, electricity, sensing and pneumatic execution. The stroke of the injection cylinder plug is driven by a servo motor, and the stroke positioning is accurate. The machine has a high degree of automation and is easy to adjust. When changing the specifications or modifying the measurement, you only need to adjust it on the display screen to meet the requirements of accurate measurement. It is suitable for filling thick materials such as lubricating oil, oil products, food, daily chemicals, vegetable oil, jam, honey, syrup and so on.


Bottle material: PET bottle

Caps: screw caps, threaded aluminum caps, rolled aluminum caps, etc.

Bottle capacity: 200ML-5L

Production speed: 1800-4800bph

Applicable bottle:

Height: 170-320mm

Length: 80-220mm

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