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CSD Drink Filling Machine

The filling containers of carbonated soft drink can be divided into three forms: PET bottles, glass bottles, and cans. Each form can be customized with corresponding production line equipment.

Complete CSD Production Line

NC Machinery can customize the entire gas-containing beverage production line program according to customer requirements, starting from water treatment, sugar conversion, blending, carbon dioxide mixing, and cooling. From isobaric filling, bottle warming, drying, coding, labeling, film packaging, to palletizing, etc., we can provide a one-stop solution for csd production line.

In addition, we can also provide customers with free support in the formulation process and raw materials, such as the hot-selling cola and Red Bull in previous years. We can provide the corresponding formula ratio, as well as purchase channels of the later flavors, spices, syrups and other raw materials.

Product Technical Parameter

WeightOverall dimension
DXGF8-8-38834000B/H (500ml)3kw3000kg2000*1500*2000mm
DXGF12-12-5121258000B/H (500ml)4.3kw3200kg1850*1250*2200mm
DXGF18-18-6181868000B/H (500ml)4.8kw4500kg2500*1800*2200mm
DXGF24-24-82424815000B/H (500ml)5.6kw6500kg3280*1740*2200mm
XGF32-32-83232820000B/H (500ml)8.2kw7500kg3600*2750*2200 mm
DXGF40-40-1240401220000B/H (500ml)9.5kw8500kg4200*3200*2200 mm
DXGF50-50-1250501220000B/H (500ml)11kw12000kg4500*3450*2200 mm

Product Features

  • Negative pressure filling technology makes fast filling, high precision and adjustable liquid level.

  • Human–machine interface (HMI) operation by PLC Control. Frequency conversion for Speed Regulation.

  • High flushing efficiency with Spring-loaded flushing pliers

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