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7000-8000BPH Automatic Water Washing Filling Capping 3-in-1machine (Model:XGF16-16-5) 7000-8000BPH Automatic Water Washing Filling Capping 3-in-1machine (Model:XGF16-16-5)

1.Bottle size:200ml~2L
2. Capacity:7000-8000Bottles per hour
3.Automatic Washing Filling Capping machine (3-IN-1)
4.SIEMENS programed conteroller

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  • Product Description

Product Features

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  • The bottle is sent to the bottle washing mechanism by the dial wheel, and the bottle clip is opened and clamped on the bottle mouth. The bottle clip is flipped 180° by the guide rail to make the bottle's mouth downward. Hangzhou Nanfang special pump will send the pure water pump to the bottle flushing machine's water distributor to realize the high-pressure washing of the inner bottle wall from the bottom to the top, and the washing time is about 3-5s. After washing:

    • Turn the bottle counterclockwise 180°

    • Put the bottle down

    • Transfer it to the filling part by rotating the dial wheel

  • The flushing mechanism is welded and assembled with SUS304 stainless steel. The bottle clip adopts an integral structure. Each bottle clip comprises a whole piece of stainless steel material, processed by the processing center. The mechanical part adopts copper bushing.

  • The filling is composed of several filling valves. After the bottle rotates into the filling part, the CAM on the upper part of the filling valve controls the filling valve's rising and falling. When the filling valve drops, the valve opens for filling; When the filling valve raises, the valve closes.

  • The filling machine adopts the micro-negative pressure filling mode. The advantage of this method lies in the accuracy of the liquid level. No matter the filling amount is 200ml or 2000ml, it can achieve full filling.

  • The whole material is SUS304 stainless steel, in line with the national drinking water standard.

  • The capping part is composed of a magnetic torsion capping head and a mechanical whole capping machine. The capping section has a speed of 15,000 to 18,000 bottles per hour. The capping head's overall design is large, and it can work for different sizes of caps. The diameter of the capping head can be 40mm.

  • The capping head is designed as the magnetic separation torsion type, which can adjust the torsion of caps of different sizes and threads. The adjustment mode is convenient and simple, as long as the position of the torque screw is adjusted.

  • The feature of this capping machine is grasping capping. After the photoelectric switch detects the bottle, the signal is transmitted to the PLC computer system. The cap is placed by the lower cap device. After the screw cap accurately seizes the cap, the bottle is sealed.PLC computer control, realize no bottle, no cap, no bottle no cap, no automatic cap stop, and so on.

Product Parameter

Product Name: 8000BPH 3-in-1 Water Bottle Washing Filling Capping Machine
Filling SystemGavity Filling
Capacity ( for 500ml )7000-8000 BPH
Suitable Bottle ShapesPET circular or square
Bottle Diamater<= 106mm
Bottle Height<= 320mm
Compressor Air0.3-0.7 Mpa
ApplicationStill water/Pure water/Mineral water
Overall Dimensions2500*1750*2200 mm
380V/50HZ, 380V/60HZ, 220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ

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1.intelligent contact screen, human design, easy operation. 

2.High speed filling valve, avoiding drop leaking, accurate filling quantity. 

3.Program logic controller(PLC), easy for changing size or modifying parameters. 

4.Pneumatic elements are all famous brand, stability and reliability. 

5.Photo-electric sensing and pneumatic linking control, automatic protection for shortage of bottle. 

8.Pneumatic executive control valve, high efficiency and safety. 

9.Close positioning design, easy governing, suitable for packing of all sizes of bottles. 

10. machine is designed according to requirements of buyer's.

Factory Introduction

Zhangjiagang City Nancheng Machinery Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer of beverage machines in China. The factory plant is located in Zhangjiagang City of Jiangsu Province, about 110km from Shanghai and 50km from Wuxi.

Our main products covers: bottle water production line/ juice drink production line/ carbonated drink production line/ 5 gallon barrled water production line and auxiliary equipment for thers lines.

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1.Competitive price with good quality.

2.ODM/OEM srvice available.

3.In-time delivery guarantee.

4.One year warranty for whole machine.

5.One year spare parts free of charge.

6.Engineers abailable for installation and setting up.

7.Training of workers to handle operation.


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