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8000BPH Glass Bottle Automatic Water Washing Filling Capping 3-in-1 Machine (Model :BXGF24-24-8) 8000BPH Glass Bottle Automatic Water Washing Filling Capping 3-in-1 Machine (Model :BXGF24-24-8)

1.Bottle volume: 200ml~2L
2.Capacity :8000 bottles per hour
3.Glass Bottle Automatic Washing Filling Capping machine (3-IN-1)
4. SIEMENS programed conteroller

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  • Product Description

Product Features

  • Summary:  

  • 1. Usage: washing, filling and capping 3 in 1 mono-block is used for filling mineral water or pure water into glass bottle. Full automatically; it can finish washing (bottle), filling and capping three jobs in the one machine. 

  • 2. Max production capacity: 5-6000b/h for 500ml;  

  • 3. Material:Connection parts with liquid use SUS 304Stainless steel (l Food grade), Made in China, Drive structure、gear wheel A4 carbon-steel quenching.

  • Character: 

  • (1)The whole machine applies bottle handling technical and the filling valves go up-down when filling, which make sure the bottle filling goes stable, reliable during high speed. The bottle handling technical also make the different bottle change easily without changing many accessories. 

  • (2)This machine uses new generation stainless steel spring washing clips and the clips do not contact the upside of bottle screw avoiding the second pollution. It can both clear the inside and theoutside of the bottle.

  • (3)The advanced gravity filling principle was applied. Filling is quick, and stable. Not contacting with the liquid avoids second pollution and oxidation. 

  • (4)This machine applies magnetic force screw type sealing, realizing auto grasping cap, sealing. The sealing cap force can be adjusted. 

  • (5)Use single electrical planet,to sure electrical apparatus element operate well

  • (6)Automatic feed cap and by air conveying

  • (7)The capping machine adopts a full copper structure, which is ahead of the rest of the filling machine production plant. The structure is not easy to wear and the equipment has a longer service life




Product Parameter

Product Name: Glass bottle 8000BPH 3-in-1 Water Bottle Washing Filling Capping Machine
Filling SystemGavity Filling
Capacity ( for 500ml )8000BPH
Suitable Bottle ShapesGlass bottle circular or square
Bottle Diamater<= 106mm
Bottle Height<= 320mm
Compressor Air0.3-0.7 Mpa
ApplicationStill water/Pure water/Mineral water
Overall Dimensions3000*2100*2300mm
380V/50HZ, 380V/60HZ, 220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ

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