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6000 can/hour 330ml can beer production line

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Technology for the cleaning and sanitizing of the beer production equipment includes production of technical gases, filtration and pasteurization of beer, other beer production, beer distribution, serving beer and other beer processing devices. 

bear filling machine

Main categories of the beer production technology

Breweries  – fully equipped basic sets of the beer production lines

Malt processing – all what is needed to preparation of malt grains

Wort brew system – equipment needed to production of wort before the beer fermentation process

Fermentation system – beer production tanks and all equipment needed for the beer fermentation process

Conditioning system – Equipment for extraction hops into beer, filtration, pasteurization, carbonization of beer and other conditioning beer – the final beer processing.

Filling system – Equipment for cleaning packages and isobaric filling beer into sale packages like kegs, bottles, PET bottles, Petainers, cans, bag-in-box. Packing beer before sale.

Support system – Cooling & heating systems, control systems, measuring, cleaning and sanitizing, gas systems and other support systems in breweries

Acccessories – Connection armatures, fittings for tanks, hoses, pipes, cables, frames and other material for connections between the brewery equipment.

Main categories of the beer production technology


What we can provide

2000BPH Automatic Wine Beer / Carbonated Drinks/CSD Washing Filling Capping 3-in-1machine (Model:DXGF8-8-3)

1). This machine operates easily, with compact structure, perfect control system and high level of automation.

2). The filling process of different types of bottles can be reached only by changing the star-wheel

3). The parts contacting with product is made of quality SUS, anti-corrosive, and easy to clean.

4). By adopting high speed filling valve, the liquid level is precise and no waste is to increase. That guarantees the demand of modern filling technology.

5). The capping head adopts constant torque magnetic device to guarantee capping quality, without any damage to the cap.

6). This machine has a highly efficient cap arranging system, perfect cap feeding and protection device.

7). By adopting overload protection system, it can ensure the protection of safety of the operator and equipment.

8). The operating system bears the function of production speed control, cap-shortage checking, production suspension when bottles-blocked, and counting of outputs.

9). The electric equipment and pneumatic parts are of brand name of the world.


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Zhangjiagang city Nancheng machinery Co., LTD. has been engaged in the field of filling production line for 20 years, the main products from the beginning of water filling line and juice filling line, through technical innovation, constantly enrich product categories and now filling range of products, including water filling production line, juice filling line, beer, whisky wine filling production line, 5 gallons bottled water production line, the oil filling production line, daily chemical products, such as filling production line.The diversity of products can be customized according to the requirements of customers. If you are looking for a reliable merchandise of Wine Filling Machine, please contact us now!


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