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Carbonated beverage equipment can achieve multiple operations

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Introduction to the Basics of Arbonated Beverage Equipment

The carbonated beverage equipment adopts magnetic torque capping head to realize the function of grasping and capping. The tightening moment of the bottle cap is stepless and adjustable. It has the function of tightening the plastic bottle cap with constant torque without damaging the bottle cap 

The seal is tight and reliable. The horizontal rotary pneumatic capping device has the functions of not damaging the surface of the cap and automatically replenishing the missing cap by sending a signal in the hopper. Pneumatic beverage equipment adopts PLC computer program control and man-machine interface touch screen button. With the feed tank level automatic control, no bottle, no canning, no bottle, no cover and other functions, with the bottle moving star wheel, when the bottle dislocation stop. The cover slot will stop due to insufficient cover.

Carbonated beverage equipment

The gas-containing beverage equipment realizes three processes of automatic rinsing, filling and capping on one machine. The design of the whole machine is scientific and reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, the functions are complete, the operation and maintenance are convenient, and the degree of automation is high. Comprehensive use of advanced technology from Italy and Germany. The fling speed is fast and the liquid level is controlled stably. The gas-containing beverage equipment is suitable for the filing production of various drinking water. After simple adjustment of some parts, the machine can also be used in the bottling production line. Cover multiple operations, beautiful appearance design, scientific and reasonable, easy maintenance.

Advantages of our equipment

Carbonated beverage equipment is used for the production of various carbonated beverages in polyester bottles. Bottle rinsing, filling and capping can be realized on one machine. The design of the whole machine is scientific and reasonable, beautiful in appearance, complete in function and easy to operate. Easy maintenance and high degree of automation.

1. The whole machine adopts the design of the bottle-neck suspension operation mode, so that the operation function of the whole line is more reliable, and the factors that cause the machine not to operate normally due to the thin bottle wall and the bottle height error are overcome. It is

convenient and quick to change the bottle type.

2.Introduce advanced technology from Germany, Italy and the United States. Adopting the principle of equal pressure filling, the fling speed is fast and the liquid level is controlled stably. The material bin is a fully enclosed structure equipped with a CIP interface.

3.The gas-containing beverage equipment adopts a magnetic torque cap screwing head to realize cap grasping and screw capping. Cap screwing torque is stepless adjustable, and the sealing is tight and reliable.

4.The horizontal rotary pneumatic cap unscrambler has the functions of not damaging the surface of the bottle cap and automatically replenishing caps for missing caps in the hopper.

5. The whole machine adopts PLC computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen buttons, and is equipped with alarm devices such as cover lack and overload protection, which can detect and eliminate faults in time, and the production automation is high.

The gas-bearing beverage equipment is connected with the capping machine to ensure lasting and stable operation. In accordance with gmp standards, the storage tank does not leave sanitary dark corners, and each position can be cleaned to ensure the safety of filling material exchange. Automatic capping system and punching capping system can effectively cap the bottle. The gas-containing beverage equipment has good operating performance and working characteristics. One step in place, can improve work efficiency. Inverter control and other key electrical components using Siemens, Schneider, Simon and other well-known brands.

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