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Expert Guide to Counter Pressure Can Filling Machine

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A counter pressure filler is a large device used to fill bottles or aluminium cans from a pressurized or non-pressurized bulk storage tank without losing carbonation. This technology is used by brewing companies, those that mass produce sparkling wine, and soda producers to bottle carbonated drinks for wholesale and retail.

To get an isobaric filler up and running, you will need a chiller, primary pressurized (or non-pressurized) storage tank, a carbonating unit, and carbon dioxide supply storage bottles.


A brief description of the counter pressure bottle filling process

Method One:

Through a filing tube, a counter pressure filler will fill the bottle from its top using a diffuser. The diffuser projects the liquid onto the walls of the bottle in order to keep foaming to a minimum.

The pressurized carbon dioxide gas escapes in small amounts through a return tube embedded in the filling tube.

Method Two:

This method involves filling the bottle from the bottom, by means of a long tube that fills from the bottom of the bottle and a crown hermetic seal that seals the bottle once it is filled.

The counter pressure filler has dual inputs; a carbon dioxide gas input and the drink supply. It also has a vent through which gas escapes during filling. A valve on each input allows for pressure control and filling and venting speed.

This method is not as common as the first due to its high cost and complex nature.


How does a counter pressure filler work?

It works by simply keeping the pressure of the carbon dioxide gas in the drink constant while the bottle is being filled. The pressurized carbon dioxide fills the bottle and is subtly released while the drink, in this case, beer, fills the room provided in the bottle.

Pre evacuation of air is carried out by sucking the air (Nitrogen and Oxygen) out of the bottle in order to prolong its shelf life by creating a vacuum on the inside of the bottle. This is usually done twice to bring the percentage of oxygen in the bottle down to or near zero before the filling operation takes place.


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How the bottle is filled?

1. Pressurized carbon dioxide fills the bottle with 2 to 3 pressure bars

2. Pumped carbon dioxide gas fills the bottle and harmful oxygen is removed.

3. The valve is vented and oxygen escapes, and the carbon dioxide input is shut.

4. When the valve is opened, the beer flows into the bottle while pressurized carbon-dioxide gas is subtly released via the vent and because of this, the foaming is kept at minimum.

5. The valve is closed and a bottle top is put on the bottle after the bottle is filled, and it goes on to be washed externally to get rid of any residue on the body of the bottle. The valve is closed and a bottle top is put on the

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