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How to Maintain a Conveyor System

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As useful as conveyor systems can be, they do need to be maintained in order for the conveyor system to run effectively or just like any electrical item they can break and be costly to replace, both in time and in money if a big system that has a bespoke design.

conveyor system

Businesses should make looking after their conveyor systems a priority to ensure no loss of business or disruption to their manufacturing, packaging, or delivery process.


You can, of course, analyse the running of your conveyor system through a human-machine interface (HMI) which allows you to analyse and monitor previous and real-time data from the conveyor system. Companies using a conveyor system can look at certain aspects to ensure the conveyor(s) work at optimum capacities such as regular inspections, system audits, close monitoring of motors, ensuring spares are in stock for changeovers, and the operational team are trained on running the system and are aware of what to look for when identifying errors or problems.


3 ways to increase a conveyor system's life

· choosing the right conveyor type when installing the system

· making sure the system is designed to fit the layout or goes through the correct areas at optimum speed

· ensuring the system is regularly maintained.


Depending on the conveyor system installed there will be different functional problems you'll have to watch out for. A roller conveyor is used for moving parcels is going to need different maintenance to an overhead chain conveyor moving car frames or a belt conveyor moving high amounts of papers compared to a pallet conveyor moving heavy loads of goods.


Again, if the conveyor is being used in harsher conditions such as in below-freezing temperatures there will be different maintenance procedures to ensure optimum running.


It's recommended to have the approach of preventive maintenance over reactive maintenance, this way you can stop your conveyor or motor getting to a point where it's damaged where it could result in further damage down the line. Doing preventative maintenance allows you to schedule sorting the system at intervals with a likely lower cost than waiting for the system to break and then having additional downtime of the whole system which could be in peak time.


Materials used in a conveyor system for impact and wear-resistance

Conveyors need to be resistant to impact and wear due to the high volume of items they're moving that can be sharp and heavy and not be seized up due to deformation.


The handling materials that conveyors use include UHMW, nylon, Nylatron NSM, HDPE, Tivar, Tivar ESd, and polyurethane. The handling material used will depend on the function of the conveyor and where static control is a factor, the conveyor system will need special materials to be designed to either dissipate or conduct electrical charges from the conveyor.


What Nan Cheng Machinery can provide

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The conveying system is equipped with lubricating device, helical motor, high speed magnetic chain plate, water plate, the whole line has a longer service life, and the conveying speed of bottles is faster and more smooth.

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