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Introduction to Liquor Filling Machine

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According to the degree of automatic words, liquor filling machine can be divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic.


The fully automatic liquor filling machine is suitable for manufacturers with a single bottle type and fast production speed. It is also possible to fill a variety of bottle types by replacing the dial. The semi-automatic filling machine is suitable for a variety of bottle types, manufacturers with more shaped bottles, need to manually bottle up and down, but also save the trouble of replacing the dial.

 liquor filling machine

According to the output, the 12-head filling machine can reach 2600 bottles/hour, the 18-head filling machine can reach 4000 bottles/hour, the 24-head filling machine can reach 6000 bottles per hour, and the 48-head filling machine can reach It can reach 8,000 bottles per hour. You can choose the right white wine filling machine according to your own production.


According to the adjustment method, it can be divided into external debugging filling machine, button filling machine and touch screen operation filling machine. At present, the best use of the touch screen operation filling machine, the volume is simple and accurate, the price Will be slightly higher than the other two.

 liquor filling machine

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