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Maintenance of Reverse Osmosis Equipment

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A reverse osmosis (RO) system is ideally suited to be placed under your sink, providing you with high-quality water for drinking, cooking or use in an ice maker. To ensure that the system continues to remove dissolved solids and maintain high water quality, the reverse osmosis system requires regular maintenance.


1.General Maintenance

Neutral detergent is often used to scrub the surface of equipment and pipe fittings to keep the system sanitary and clean.


After the reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration systems stop operating, the RO and UF membranes should be kept wet.


Backwash operation should be carried out when the reading difference between upper and lower pressure gauges is greater than 0.1 Mpa when mechanical filter and activated carbon filter are in operation (it is suggested that mechanical filter should be backwashed once a day and activated carbon filter should be backwashed every two to three days).

 reverse osmosis (RO) system

When the hardness of the effluent of ion exchanger appears, forced regeneration should be carried out in time.


Frequently observe the pressure difference between inlet and outlet water of 5U precision security filter, and timely clean and replace the filter element.


Clean raw water tanks, flowmeters and salt buckets regularly to keep them sanitary and clean.


Under standard conditions, the RO performance is 10% off the shelf, or when the scale and fouling of the RO film apparently occur, the RO film should be chemically cleaned in time.


Check the indicator lamp and electromagnetic radiation every day.


2.Maintenance once a year - equipment replacement.

All motor ash removal;

Change the sealing rings of all pumps;

Check and maintain all valves to make all valves open and close freely without leakage;

Lubricate all parts that need lubrication;

Pure water storage tanks and pipelines for cleaning and disinfection;

Clean water jet and activated carbon screen.

 reverse osmosis (RO) system

Equipment replacement

·Quartz sand is exchanged once every three years.

·Exchange activated carbon once a year.

·The regenerated resin is added once a year.

·Replacement of RO membranes every two or three years.

·Check all measuring instruments regularly to ensure that the measurement is correct and rigorous.


The maintenance of the reverse osmosis equipment will extend the service life of the related water treatment system. If you want to know more about reverse osmosis equipment, welcome to consult Nancheng Machinery, we will provide you with professional solutions.


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