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Our New 5 Gallon Barrel Automatic Filling Machine

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Year after year, our technological and innovative contribution to the water filling machine industry continues to open up new frontiers of advancement. This, in part is due to our undying desire to ensure that we provide our teeming clients with the best products per time.


Apart from just meeting the needs of our customers in the most satisfactory manner, we also want to remain on the top spot as the leading manufacturer of various automated filling machine in the industry.


Well, we understand that this determination of ours isn’t a mean feat, and so we work all around the clock to ensure that we continue to remain the best among the rest.


Evident to our claims of being technologically savvy with a high level of innovation and development orientation, we have brought yet a new level of convenience and high production capacity to our customers with our latest product in the company.


The newest addition to our range of products is the 5 gallon barrel automatic filling machine which is designed to give absolute flexibility, comfort, convenience and a high product turn out for our customers.


Our new 5 gallon battel automatic filling machine is deisnged to handle an average production capacity of 450 bottles per hour (bph), and the machine is designed with a complete working systems that makes it super easy to operate and work with.


Within the 5 gallon barrel filling machine are these various components and parts, which are all automated;


1. Decapping  machine

The capping compartment of the machine is designed to automatically pull out old caps and cover on any 5 gallon barrel that is being fed into the machine.

 5 gallon barrel filling machine

2. High pressure rinsing and brushing machine

After the removal of old caps from the 5gallon barrel, the automatic high pressure rinsing and brushing machine is designed to thoroughly rinse and brush both the inside and the outside of the barrels before moving them to the next stage


3. 5GL Filling Rinsing Capping 3 in 1

These components performs three actions simultaneously, and this include; the final rinsing of the inside of the 5gallon to be filled, the filling of the container with water and the immediate capping of the gallon.


4. Sticker labelling machine

Just after the 5 gallon has been filled and capped, it is moved through the sticker labelling machine which the brand label is being placed on the body of the 5 gallon.


5. Barrel Neck Labelling Machine

In order to give a complete sense and image of the brand, we also ensure that the filling machine has another labelling machine where it labels only the cap region of the 5 gallon.


6. Barrel Neck Label Shrinker

Once the label for the neck of the gallon has been fixed, the next in line is the heat shrinking machine that shrinks the neck label on over the neck of the bottle firmly.


7. Laser Code Printer

The laser code printer is the final component that works in coding the 5 gallons with the right dates and other production details that should be done to guide buyers about the quality of the water so purchased.


8. 5G Barrel Automatic Palletizer

Finally, the 5gallon barrel filling machine has an automatic palletizing machine where all the 5 gallons filled with water will be easily carried and arranged to the store or finished product department.


Obviously, we are the leading manufacturers of high-quality filling machines in the industry.

We will be glad to partner with you for the best product any time to anywhere. Kindly click here to contact us or to buy any of our premium products as a considerable price.


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