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Pasteurizer: An Inevitable Component Of A Juice Production Line

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Among the various industries that have witnessed a high level of growth and expansion over the years, is the juice and beverage production industry.

Just as you would guess, the reason for this isn’t far-fetched. The juice and other allied beverage industry is one with lots of customers that cut across all age group and race.

However, the processes involved in the production of these products is one that requires a high degree of hygiene as well as a high level of professionalism in order to produce the desired end product.

With this, the pasteurization stage of the whole mix then becomes very important for the overall quality of the product.

So, without much ado, let’s take a closer look as we consider what exactly happens during the pasteurization of juice in a juice production line.


Why is pasteurization important during juice production?

Due to the need to produce juice that are free from all forms of contaminations either from microorganisms or their toxins, juice syrup or concentrate are usually subjected to a high temperature of boiling.

At this temperature, it is expected that any form of contamination from microorganisms which may be present in the various materials must have been destroyed.

Most outstanding about pasteurization is that it is also a step that serves as a gateway for most juice which are produced through the hot-filling method.

With this, the juice product is bottled and cap under pressure and free of all impurities.

 juice production line

Other components of the juice production line

Besides the pasteurizer or pasteurization equipment of a juice production line, other important components that makes up the entire production line line include the following;

1. Syrup mixing tank

This is the tank where all the ingredients as well as the preservatives needed for the production of juice are being mixed with water to obtain what is then referred to as a syrup of the entire ingredients.

2. Filter

Since the juice products are usually produced with a high level of purity in mind, the syrup is also usually passed through series of graded filter where it is being filtered of impurities or debris.

With this, the juice syrup can be said to be free of any form of particle that may negative affect the quality of the end product.

3. Product Holding tank

Right after the filter is a holding tank where the syrup is held and released intermittently for pasteurization.

4. Juice filling and capping machine

After all other machines and equipment within the juice production line must have been through with their individual responsibility towards the production of a high quality juice product, the last equipment or component is the filling machine where the filling of bottles and containers is carried out.


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