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The difference between the processing technology of tea beverages and fruit juice beverages.

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We all come into contact with tea drinks and fruit juice drinks in our daily lives, and the two types of drinks we come into contact with are all processed, so today we will talk about the difference between the processing technology of tea drinks and fruit juice drinks.


In recent years, tea beverages and fruit juice beverages have become more and more important in my country’s beverage market. The production process has been continuously improved, and the production technology has also been greatly improved. In particular, tea beverages have been clarified, packaged, and sterilized. , Color protection and fragrance protection, etc. have been greatly improved.


Many high and new technologies have been developed in beverage production at home and abroad, such as membrane separation technology, enzyme technology, microwave technology, non-thermal sterilization technology, aseptic filling technology, aroma recovery technology, freeze-drying technology, etc. These technologies are expected to partially replace the traditional Tea beverage production technology solves some existing technical problems in the production of tea beverages, such as the loss of nutrients, the escape of aromatic substances, and the generation of post-turbidity, so as to improve the quality of tea beverages.

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The beverage juice filling machine produced by our company contains these technologies, which can solve the technical problems of tea beverage production.


Fruit juice beverages can be divided into 11 types of raw juice, concentrated juice, raw pulp, fruit juice, pulp juice, high-sugar juice, fruit juice and fruit juice.As people's consumption levels increase, it can be seen that the development prospects of beverage production lines are infinitely broad.


Let me introduce the processing technology of tea beverages and fruit juice beverages, so that we can more clearly distinguish the difference between the processing technology of tea beverages and fruit juice beverages.


Tea drink


Tea water extract (or its concentrate, instant tea powder) → blending (or not blending) → over


Filtration → sterilization → filling and capping → lamp inspection → finished product


Juices and juice drinks


Use concentrated fruit juice (pulp) as raw material


Water + accessories


Concentrated juice (pulp) → dilution, blending → sterilization → aseptic filling (hot filling) → light inspection → finished product.


In fact, tea beverages include fruit juice beverages, because the development of tea beverages has experienced five stages: traditional brewing, instant tea, fruit juice tea, pure tea, and health tea.

beverage juice filling machine

The development of instant tea began in the United States in 1950. Most of its initial processing equipment and technology followed the equipment and technology of instant coffee, and continued to be improved. In the early 1960s, on the basis of the rapid development of the instant tea industry, an industrial-scale iced tea manufacturing industry emerged. In the early 1980s, Japan first successfully developed canned black tea beverages and launched lemon tea and milk tea beverage products.


Therefore, we can find that there have been canned beverages a long time ago, and the technology has become more and more advanced. Many products do not need to be made by hand. They are completed by some mechanical equipment. The beverage juice filling machines produced by our company are different The aspects are very good, if you are interested in buying, you can contact us.




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