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Working Principle of a Pump Can Filling Machine

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For every pump filling machine, whether as an automatic can filling machine, semi-automatic or even a tabletop machine, there is usually a single pump that is meant for one fill head of the machine.


With this, the pump is usually designed to move the product from the processing tank into the container that will be filled, which is waiting. For this reason, the pump filling machine is usually seen as the best alternative for filling products that are very thick, less free-flowing and even the regular liquid products.


With this, it then follows that the type of product to be filled, the fill size, as well as whether there are particles or not in the product to be filled will, to a great extent determine the type of filling pump that will be purchased

For this reason, it is most expedient to partner with a renowned manufacturer of can filling machine for the best product and guidance.


Technicalities involved when using a can filling machine

Can filling machines usually measure the amount of liquid to be filled at a particular time using two approaches thus;

a. Time based fill

In the method, the fill head run for a particular length of time which has alreadt been set for each cycle. In this case, a PLC or even a simple timing device will assist the operators to set the needed time and speed of the pump can also be adjusted for the purpose of having a uniform fill.


b. Pulse based fill

In this method, it is the revolution or the movement of the components of the pump at each cycle that is being measured. This method can be likened to a gear pump, whereby each pulse can be equal to a just a quarter turn of the machine using the gear. With this, it then means that it will take about 10 pulses before each cycle is completed.


Interestingly, both method will always give the exact volumetric filing of products into a container. However, depending on the type of products to be filled, one of the two methods can prove better compared to the other.

 can filling machine

So, in such a case, a different pump type with the best performance will be chosen in order to have an efficient and an accurate filing of the product. And during the filling process, the gear pump located above will always hold the product in between the gears in order to properly direct the product into the contacting bottles that are already waiting.


Just as it was mentioned earlier, some pumps have a better filling advantage over the other. For instance, in a peristaltic pump, the rollers are used to move product along the tube so that the rollers won’t necessarily have contact with the product. For this reason, the peristaltic pump proves to be the best method for filling sanitary products.


Since no product has direct contact with the parts, this boost to enhance a sanitary process, which protects the products from contamination from one product to another or the transfer of flavor from one product to the other.


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