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3 Structural and Functional Components of a Water Filling Machine

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Perhaps you're interested in starting your bottle water industry but have no idea what kind of machine you should get to start the operation.

The ideal machine for you to purchase to startup this lucrative business is water filling machine.

The water filling machine is automated to deliver a particular volume of water into the containers such as plastic bottles as set by the owner.

It is however necessary for you to know the major components of a water filling machine that work together to operate

Thus, in this article, we will walk you through the three major components of a water filling machine.

1. The frame

This is a major component of the water filling machine. The type of frame used for a particular filling machine depends on the liquid delivered and the container required.

For the water filling machine, a "standard" portable frame is used. However, the width of the frame depends on the size of the bottles to be filled with water.

Large bottles will require a wide frame while a medium-size frame is ideal for smaller bottles. Nevertheless, in many cases, the frames of custom water filling machines are designed based on the user's recommendations.

The fact that not all water filling machines are automated means that standard portable frames may not be applicable in some water filling machines. Manual and semi-automatic water filling machines make use of "tabletop" frames.

2. The Tank

The tank acts as a reservoir for the filtered water that will be filled into the bottles by the water filling machine.

The location, size, and material used for the tank vary, depending on the filling principle. For instance, if the water filling machine delivers water through the influence of gravitational force, then the tank will be located at the top of the delivery nozzles.

Standard tanks are made for water filling machines, nevertheless, custom tanks can also be designed to meet the need of a user.

3. Nozzles and product pathways

The water does not remain stagnant in the tank, it needs to be delivered in bottles or other containers.

The filtered water flows through nozzles, tubes, and other plumbings to reach its destination.

The pathway taken by water to reach the bottles vary from one machine to another based on the location of the tank that determines the filling principle.

Nozzles and tubes can be made of several types of materials including Teflon, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or other materials that are resistant to wear and tear.

Another factor that determines the kind of materials used for making tubes and nozzles is resistance to chemical reactions in the presence of water. A material that corrodes in the presence of water cannot be used.

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