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Temperature up to 36℃, Your Summer Has Been Shipped to Hezhou, Guangxi

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High-temperature warnings have been sounded since June. Clouds have the color of fire, and the weather has started into a continuous "barbecue" mode, with unbearable heat.

Nancheng machiery

The unbearable high temperature can not stop the pace of Nancheng production and delivery! For each order, we will successfully complete production and load the vehicle to the destination before the delivery date. After several days of continuous exposure to the hot sun, the air inside the finished product workshop is very hot and stuffy, like a steamer, making people suffocate. The employees on the site are moving between the warehouse and trucks under the hot sun. The continuous high temperature increased the difficulty of delivery, but our work schedule did not fall behind, in cooperation with forklift truck personnel to load the filling equipment into the truck one by one. Forklift workers skillfully turn the steering wheel in hand, tireless shuttle back and forth in the field and workshop.

Nancheng machinery

Many orders and busy delivery are inseparable from the support and love of dealer partners and new and old customers. Zhangjiagang Nancheng Machinery will, as always, adhere to creating higher quality beverage filling production line products for customers, increase quality control, and seriously debug each machine, each production line. At the same time, we ensure the departure of goods and good quality.


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