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A Brief Description Of Juice Filling Machine

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There are different compositions, filling techniques, and filling processes between juice filling machines and carbonated or water filling machines. Therefore, the filling valve, filling management system, and filling cylinder of a juice filling machine are different from water or carbonated filling machines.

 It is because the ingredients usually filled in the hot juice machine is different from the water or carbonated filling machine, the ingredient include functional health drinks, some have high sugar contents, and milky contests, etc.

The juice filling machine is one of the most essential parts of the juice filling line, it usually consists of three in one processes which include bottle washing, capping, and filling components. They also compose of material return tanks, and a circulation system that controls the to and fro of the juice filling machine.

 The star wheel usually conveys the flushing of the bottle and filling the bottle, the conveyor belt connection is not needed, and the machine is easily operated, fully automatic, simple, and easy to arrange the composition of the filling room and control.

Juice Filling Machine

Features of the juice filling machine

· The components are automatic liquid filling machines and are compatible with the filling of different oils such as lubricant oil, and edible oils.

· This device is equipped with digital touch screens, a fast-moving regulated conveyor belt, of 8m long, an automated inducted capping, and a vacuum-sealed device.

· The filling machine has a unique characteristic of accuracy in the filling, the appearance is beautiful, can be easily controlled, and operated.

· It also possesses a man-machine interface such as directly setting the volume for the filling

· Consist of the PLC control program like regulating the speed of the converter linear filling

· The volumetric flow meter precision is high, and it is quantitatively accurate and reliable.

· Additionally, it contains a mechanical seal plus vacuum back suction, and it is very fast, and doubling flow-filling is efficient.

· It consists of a suction fan in the system, which is connected with the buffer tanks through the suction port. The suction fan operates during filling which quickly sucks out the air in the bottle by the buffer fan.

Juice Filling Machine

The General processes of fruit juice machine

Empty bottles are stacked inside the pallets filled in a box, which are been transferred using conveyors belts to the unloader, the trays are unloaded one after the other. Thereafter, the boxes are transferred to the unloader with the conveyor belts, the boxes transferred by the unloaded is sent to the box washing machine where it’s cleaned and transported to the box packing machine.

However, the empty bottle from the box unloader is transferred to the bottle washer for disinfection and cleaned thoroughly by another conveyor belt, they are passed to the capping and filling machine after meeting the disinfection standard. Then, the juice is filled into the bottles by the filler, capped, and sealed by the capping machine, which is then transported to the labeling system for labeling.

Finally, the labeled juice bottles are sent into the cartoning machine where they are moved into palletizers and are stacked on the pallets, which are then moved into the warehouse.


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