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What Is a Liquid Filling Machine?

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Packagers use liquid filling machines to dispense liquid-based products such as water, alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products into various containers. No matter what liquid product you are packaging, the first question you should ask yourself is whether you want consistent volumes or fill levels across all of your containers.

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What is a Liquid Filling Machine?

Most containers will have minor volume variations that are naturally occurring even if they appear to have the same shape and size at first glance. Liquid filling machines fill your containers up to a specific level, regardless of the differences between the volumes of the liquid in each container.

Also known as overflow filling machines or fill-to-level machines, liquid filling machines provide your containers a cosmetic fill in such a way that all container fills will look identical. Though this may differ from container to container.

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Filling Principle of Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid filling machines use a special nozzle that both seals over your containers' opening and allows the liquid product to flow back to the tank. This can eliminate any product waste.

As the fill nozzles seal over the containers, the fill port opens to allow the product to flow to each container. Once the fill reaches a pre-set level in your containers, the product withdraws from them through the return port. Thus, “overflowing” from each container and back to the holding tank.

Liquid fillers in semi-automatic and automatic designs work the same way. The main difference is the activation of each fill cycle – semi-automatic machines use switches while automatic ones use PLCs.


Application of Liquid Filling Machine

There are times that inconsistent fill levels are an issue especially if you are handling clear containers in which the product will be visible to your consumers.

Liquid filling machines use the overflow filling principle which provides cosmetic fills. Thus, packagers using clear plastic bottles or glass prefer these machines. This is because the consistent fill levels give an aesthetically pleasing appearance to your containers once on the shelves.

Moreover, overflow filling machines are ideal for low-viscosity liquids and for products that foam which you need to control during the filling process.


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