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A Myanmar Project of Water Production Line

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Hello, everyone. Today we are going to introduce a Myanmar project to you. The project is 12,000 bottles/hour + 300 barrels/hour water production line. Let’s have a look at the following pictures to learn more about the project.

A Myanmar Project of Water Production Line3.jpg

A Myanmar Project of Water Production Line.jpg

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Barreled pure water production line refers to the automatic production line where raw water (tap water or deep well groundwater) is transformed into pure water conforming to national standards by water treatment equipment and then produced by automatic filling equipment of large barrel water. Let me introduce the process of water production line for you first.


Processes of Water Production Line

1. Automatic/Semiautomatic De-capper

· Automatic De-capper

Automatic de-capper is a cap de-capping specialized equipment for recycled 5 gallon water bottle, such machine will not damage bottle cap, could be recycled so many times.

· Semiautomatic De-capper

The machine has two functions for de capping and brushing bottles.


2. Automatic Internal&external Brusher

· Full Automatically Washing, Filling and Capping 3 in 1 Machine

The machine is the pre-washing equipment of barreled water production line, which is composed of frame, transmission mechanism, brush, water pump, etc., with two external brush stations, the central brush rotates and sprits, effectively removing the dirt outside the barrel.


3. Washing Filling Capping 3-in-1 Machine

Barrel filling line is used to produce 5 gallon drinking water. This machine composed with Rinse, filler and capper. It is the ideal equipment for mineral water, distilled water and pure water producing process. The machine is made of great stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and easy cleaning. Both the inner and outer shower nozzle for washing barrel adopts the special technology equipment from American Sprayer Company. The machine works reliably and efficiently based on the compact structure and high automatic technology. It Is a fully automatic barreled water producing equipment combined with machine, electronic and pneumatic components.Stainless steel is food grade ,Automatic cap unscrambler,Automatic protection device.


4. Light Checker

Check the suspended matter and particulate matter in the barrel.


5. Heat Shrinkable Machine

The thermal plastic machine is mainly used for 5 gallon barrel cap shrink packing in the 5 gallon barrel water filling line.

Water Production Line Nancheng Can Provide

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