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Customer Case-Water Production Line For Uganda Project

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Our machine were sold and shipped to Uganda for a water filling project and now all the machines have been adjusted completely and put into production. Below are the latest video from the customer.

Do you know what machines are included for a water production line?

Water treatment system

Water treatment includes preliminary filtration of front-end water treatment, reverse osmosis technology, ozone and ultraviolet sterilization principle combined to achieve the function of deep water purification.

Bottle Blowing System

  • Adopting double crank to adjust mould, heavy locking mould, stable and fast. Adopt infrared oven to heat the perform, the perform rotated and heated equally.

  • The air system has been divided into two parts: pneumatic action part and bottle blow part to meet the different requirements for the action and blow. It can provide sufficient and steady high pressure for blowing large irregular shaped bottles.

  • The machine is also equipped with a muffler and oiling system to lubricate the mechanical part of the machine.

  • The machine can be operated in the step-by-step mode and the semi-auto mode.

  • The machine is small with low investment, easy and safe to operate.

Bottle Filling System

Full Automatically Washing, Filling and Capping 3 in 1 Machine

It can finish washing (bottle), filling and capping three jobs in the one machine.
It is used for filling mineral water or pure water into PET bottle.

Bottle Packing System

The bottle packaging system is customized according to the customer's requirements. After knowing the label type and packaging type the customer wants, we will recommend the appropriate model for the customer according to the output.

Bottle packing system includes labeling machine, printer, packing machine, hacking machine.

Conveyor System

The conveyor system adopts high-speed magnetic chain plate, the conveying length can be customized according to the customer's plant and output.

Above mentioned systems are the main essential systems for a water filling line.

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