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Introduction to Barrel Water Filling Machine

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Zhangjiagang Nancheng Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of 3-5 gallon barrel water filling production lines and supporting water treatment equipment. Over the years, it has been providing customers with the best quality services, and it has become a leader in the industry.


Product performance of bottled water filling machine:

QGF barreling line is the core equipment of the 3/5 gallon barreled drinking water production line. It is an ideal equipment for the production of mineral water, distilled water and pure water. The output can be designed according to user needs of 100-2000 barrels/hour. The machine is an integrated machine for washing, filling and capping. It uses a cylinder gland, the valve has a CAP return function, and the cover is designed for one hour. The flushing pressure is displayed. The product water must be 316 pipe fittings. The internal pressure is not Less than 0.28MPA, the time is not less than 16 seconds, and the external impact pressure is about 0.2MPA.


There are heating devices for lye and disinfectant respectively. The main electrical components are all SIEMENS and OMRON products, and the air circuit components are AIRTAC products. Both the inner and outer nozzles for washing the barrel adopt the unique technical equipment of imported American spray company. The line equipment has compact structure, high work efficiency, stability and reliability, sensitive and correct action, and high degree of automation. It is a piece of fully automatic barreled equipment with mechanical and electrical trinity.

 barreled water filling machine

Working principle of barreled water filling machine:

The empty barrel moves with the chain to a station, and the barrel body is washed in an inverted shape. The washing process goes through more than a dozen procedures, the first and second alkaline washing, the third dripping dry, the fourth and fifth disinfectant, the sixth dripping, the seventh backwater cleaning, the eighth dripping and the ninth Pure water rinse, the tenth drip dry, the eleventh pure water rinse, and the twelfth drip dry (the process can also be set according to user needs).


In addition to the barreled water production line, we also provide various beverage filling machine equipment, such as juice filling machine, CSD filling machine, oil filling machine and so on. You ask us for your needs, and we customize the product to create a filling machine that belongs to you.


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