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Special requirements for the use of carbonated beverage filling machines

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As a professional and reputable beverage filling machine manufacturer, you must pay special attention to some points when using steam or non-steam beverage filling machines. It is necessary to maintain the stable operation of the machine without affecting the taste of the beverage.

 carbonated beverage filling machine

Packaging is a key process in beverage production. Regardless of different packaging forms such as glass bottles, metal cans and plastic containers, no matter what filling method and filling system are used, the quality requirements of carbonated beverages should be guaranteed. These quality requirements mainly include:


1 Reach the expected carbonation level

Carbonation of carbonated beverages should be maintained at a reasonable level, and the carbon dioxide content must meet regulatory requirements. The air content of the finished product is not only related to the mixer, but the filling system is also the main determining factor.


2 Ensure the correct ratio of syrup and water

The final sugar content of the finished beverage in the secondary filling method is determined by the filling volume, filling height and container capacity. The accuracy of the syrup volume must be ensured and the filling height controlled. The modern one-time filling method must ensure the normal operation of the proportioner.


3 Maintain a reasonable and consistent filling height

The accuracy of the filling height is related to ensuring that the content meets the prescribed standards, the value of the commodity and the expansion ratio of the beverage to the container. For example, the filling height of the secondary filling directly affects the ratio of syrup to water. When the filling is too full and the head gap is small, when the beverage expands due to the increase in temperature, the pressure will increase, resulting in air leakage and bottle explosion. phenomenon.


4 The top clearance of the container should keep the minimum air volume

The high air content in the headspace will cause the aroma or other ingredients in the beverage to oxidize, which will cause the product to taste and deteriorate.


5 Tight and effective sealing

Sealing is a key factor to protect and maintain the quality of beverages. Whether it is a crown cap or a screw cap, the bottled beverage should be tightly sealed. The container should not be damaged during capping. The crimping quality of metal cans should meet the specified requirements.


6 Maintain the stability of the product

Unstable products will gush and overflow after opening the lid. The main factors that cause the instability of carbonated beverage products are: excessive carbonation, presence of impurities, presence of air, high filling temperature or large temperature difference, etc. Any carbonated beverage is unstable under atmospheric pressure (supersaturation), and this instability increases with the increase of carbonation and temperature, so cold bottles (containers), cold syrup, and cold water (cold beverages) Filling is extremely advantageous.


Only after all the above requirements have reached the standard can we provide customers with high-quality beverages.


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