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Major Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Juice Filling Machine

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Having a Juice producing industry requires you to have an ideal Juice filling machine to carry out the process of filling juice into bottles or other appropriate containers.

However, you may find it challenging to choose the type of juice filling machine that best fits your industrial needs. This may get you worried about getting the best juice filling machine for your industry.

Well, at Nancheng, we are passionate about educating you. Thus, in this article, we will walk you through the 5 key things you should know before going to the market to choose a Juice filling machine.

Juice filling machine

Juice Viscosity

To know the best juice filling machine that suits your industrial needs, you need to determine the viscosity of the juice produced by your industry.

You should determine whether your product is non-viscous, semi-viscous,  or extremely viscous. Knowing the viscosity of your juice will enable you to recognize the juice filling machine with similar specifications as your product.

The viscosity of your juice plays a significant role in the filling rate, metering system, and overall productivity of the juice filling machine you choose to use. Thus, determining the viscosity of your juice is an important step to take.

Type of Container

Another factor to consider before choosing your juice filling machine is the type of container in which you fill your juice.

Are your containers made from plastic or glass? Are they tall or short? Large or small?

Accurately knowing the type of material from which your containers are made will have an impact on the design and development of custom juice filling machines for your industry.

Filling Rate

A fundamental question to ask yourself while looking for an ideal juice filling machine is "how many containers can we fill per production period?"

Knowing the rate of production of your industry will enable you to determine whether to choose a manual, semi-automatic or fully automated juice filling machine. Each type has a particular filling rate.

Highly sophisticated and fully automated juice filling machines can operate for long hours and fill hundreds to a few thousands of containers per production shift.

Filling Volume

If you're familiar with juice filling, you should know that containers are usually not filled to the brim. A standard volume of juice is delivered into the containers and filled to a set mark.

You should know the particular filling volume of your containers to determine the juice filling machine that can deliver exact volumes into the containers.

Knowing your filling volume helps your industry in keeping compliant with industrial standards and regulations.

 juice filling machine

Metering System

The viscosity, filling rate, and filling volume of your product will determine if the metering system of a particular filling machine suits your requirements.

Depending on your product, you may choose a juice filling machine with a piston, flow, or peristaltic metering system. Based on this, a highly viscous juice will require a juice filling machine with a metering system of high pressure.

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