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The Use Process and Precautions of the Three-in-One Filling Machine

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Three in one filling machine start-up preparation

1. Check the lubricating part of the equipment before starting the machine. If the oil cup and gear have no lubricating oil, add corresponding lubricating oil each time appropriately.

2. Check whether the parts of the equipment that are often active are loose, if they must be tightened, and pay attention to whether the position is changed. Generally, it is necessary to run at a low speed before it can run automatically.

3. Check whether the liquid level of the washing cover water tank is enough and whether there are tools or other things missing from the equipment. It must be safe before operation.

4. Whether the valves are in normal condition and whether the air pressure meets the requirements of the equipment.

Use and maintenance of three-in-one filling machine

1. The three-in-one filling machine is not suitable for metal containers and metal caps, nor can it be put on the metal table to press the start button, otherwise the machine will be damaged.

2, Before turning on the power, you must insert the induction aviation plug and tighten the screw.

3, the use of a single-phase three-line power line, in order to make the operator safe, be sure to use a single-phase three-line power socket, the ground of the workplace must be dry, in order to maintain insulation.

4, with automatic temperature, overheat protection function, when the temperature inside the machine is overheating, the buzzer inside the machine buzzes "abnormal protection (pro.md.)" yellow light is on, at this time, should turn off the power switch, standby cooling buzzer stops, and then continue to work.

Three in one filling machine

5, the working process should often touch the surface of the induction head, check whether it is overheating, such as hot hand should stop heating, until the cooling of the work (cooling can not turn off the power supply), "WARM UP" green indicator light is not bright, do not press the start button, in order to avoid triggering by mistake. Please turn off the power switch on the panel when the three-in-one filling machine is finished.

6, equipped with a 5A fuse, can not be replaced by insurance greater than 5A.

7, there is high pressure, the floor is charged, no private maintenance, so as not to get an electric shock.

8. Stop using the three-in-one filling machine if exposed wires are found before use, and use it after maintenance.

9, equipment transportation, storage, use can not hit, heavyweight, damp.

10. During operation, pay attention to whether there is any abnormal sound emitted by the equipment. If there is any necessary maintenance, find out the cause and remove the fault.

11. Do not stand on the equipment when it is running.

12. check whether the UV lamp disinfection cover is open, whether ozone is added to the cover of the cover, and whether the pure water pump disinfection cover is normally supplied.

13.  If the filling valve leaks, there are two possibilities: one is that the filling valve is opened but not reset; the other is that the sealing ring of the filling valve is not sealed

14.  if there is a high cover and crooked cover, there are the following situations: First, there is a problem with the lid and bottle, it may be one of the problems. Second, the torque of the screw cap is not enough. If you can spin it well by hand, find out the screw cap and increase the torque until it meets the requirements. Third, there is a problem with the bottle, mainly at the excessive part of the star wheel. It is possible that the bottle block is misplaced and loose, so it must be reset.

15.  If the bottle is washed and pinched, the following situations occur: First, there is a problem with the bottle on the mouth of the bottle on the air duct. The second is that the spring of the bottle washing clip has lost its elasticity, or the bottle clip block is loose or worn and can not clip the bottle, so it can be replaced.

16.  If the torque of the cap cannot be adjusted all the time, replace the magnet, check the spring inside again, and replace it if the elastic force is not enough. In addition, the screw cap can not return to the position and must be removed for inspection. Replace parts.

17.  If the cover is always blocked at the small star wheel in the cover slot, adjust the position of the star wheel until it is smooth. If the exit of the cover machine is stuck, check whether the components at the exit are stuck and whether the air pressure of the blow-back cover is too large, and then adjust its position or air pressure.

18.  dial cover machine if the dial cover is not smooth, you can increase or decrease the spring pressure on the dial cover plate, but also check whether the excessive part of its contact is normal.


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