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Packing Machine: Shrink Wrap vs Stretch Wrap

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Packaging machines are technologies that run on software which programs them to package various types of products. The processes involved in packaging are the labeling, the tidy up and the wrapping of the finished product

It can be set up to handle a variety of products ranging from solids to liquids, small to large sizes, or even fragile or delicate goods (e.g goods involving glass). Throughout the operation process of any product, the packaging machine is involved for primary distribution.

There are two types of wraps used by packaging machines to protect products; the shrink wrap and the stretch wrap. In this article we will examine both types and their differences.

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The Differences Between The Stretch  Wrap and The Shrink Wrap

The first difference we will discuss is the type of materials both wraps use. A majority of stretch wraps come from polythene plastic while the material of shrink h wraps are majorly from polyolefin plastics. Although both materials belong to the family of plastics, their outcomes differ.

The second difference in both wraps occurs in the types of products for which they are used. The stretch wrap is a film bundle mostly used for purposes involving the transportation and storage of products while the shrink wrap is commonly used for the protection of products from external damage and the combining of smaller bundles of products together to save space.

The third difference between both wraps can be seen in their general outlook. The stretch wrap is elastic in nature helping to secure products tightly in order to avoid damage while the shrink wrap is a loose wrapping put around products which shrinks when heat is applied to it.

Advantages of The Stretch Wrap

First, the stretch wrap serves a protective function for any product ensuring that external factors such as small foreign objects do not affect the product or damage it. This advantage ensures that your product reaches the consumer safely and in good quality

Second, the stretch wrap is adaptable to suit all product types and sizes. The various types and sizes of stretch wrap films ensure that you never have to worry about packaging various types of product or product surfaces.

Third, the stretch wrap is more affordable than other types of surface wraps. This advantage will help save financial cost in the manufacturing of your products.

Advantages of The Shrink Wrap

First, the shrink wrap allows for ventilation of your products. This exposure will prevent moisture induced factors from damaging your products and ensure that the product quality is retained after it has been packaged.

Second, the shrink wrap prevents damage external factors such as weather from damaging the product. It serves as a great protective agent for any product packaging.

Third, the shrink wrap is a great preventer of surface damage to products. It serves as a great convering for products while they are being transported or stored in whatever condition ensuring that they still retain good quality on arrival to the customers.

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