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Bottle Blow Machine Market Analysis, Innovation And Trends 2020 – 2027

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Bottles are always used in every industries where they use different manufacturing method using different materials to produce various products.

Various industries have designed different methods for manufacturing of the bottles, The method employed include injection method, blow molding method, extrusion etc.

Blow molding methods is most preferred manufacturing processes for produce of bottles of different shape, size, the bottle blow machine are employed for this process.

The bottle blow machine use to manufacture different bottle products with the help of the various type of blow molding method, bottle with good quality and high clarity are manufactured using the bottle blow machine.

bottle blow machine

Top driving factors for the bottle blow machine growth in the market

Bottles are one of the most important components for many industries which include food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical, consumer food and cosmetics industries.

Most of these companies make use of bottles as their primary source for packaging their products and materials, these bottles are manufactured using various materials such as glass, plastics and steel etc.

There are various type of process employed in this blow molding method which include injection stretching blow molding, injection blow molding and also extrusion blow molding.

The materials used for manufacturing of this bottle includes polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene terepthalate (PET) and polyethylene(PE).

From this various type of of materials listed only polyethylene terepthalate is the most common material, which is usually used for the manufacturing of the bottle by blow molding method.

The polyethylene terepthalate (PET) is commonly used because of its physical and chemical characteristics which include reliability, durability and flexibility. Hence, it’s usually used for manufacturing widely.

Injection blowing methods is very effective whenever you desire to produce bottles in large volumes; the bottle blowing machine is designed to perform the same process with the injection molding method.

In the injection molding the key pin is attached to the top of the mold and the shape of the mold is decided based on the final products, thereafter the melt polymer is pour into a component through the pin to cool for some time, in which the mold is removed after cooling to bring out your final product.

bottle blow machine

Key restraining factors for the growth of bottle blow machine

The bottle blowing machine manufactures bottle using plastic materials and due to the adverse effect of plastic on the environment, the government of many countries have place a ban on the use of plastic materials.

Furthermore, materials such as steel, aluminum etc. are not easily melted using blow molding methods which then restrain the growth of the bottle blow machine.

Segment of bottle blow machine

l Segmented by Technology

Injection stretch blow molding

Injection blow molding

Extrusion blow molding

l Segmented by Materials 

 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

 Polyethylene terepthalate (PET)

 Polyethylene (PE)

l Segmented by end-use industries

Food and beverage


Personal care and others

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