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Upkeep Tips for Labeling Machine

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A labeling machine is a piece of packing machinery that attaches sheets of self-adhesive printed stickers to PCBs, items, and bags. A labeler is an integral part of contemporary packaging equipment.

Around the world, the number of different types of labeling machines is steadily expanding, as is the technical expertise, which involves moving from manually or semi-automatic to completely automated systems.

Labeling machines are commonly used to label flat, round and square bottom bottles, or consumer items that require labeling, such as lotion, deodorant, skincare products, and other similar items.

Many businesses now place a high value on labeling machine, it's accuracy and precision as well as the machine's service life.

The company's expertise must be seen for its labeling accuracy, but with proper installation, operation and maintenance can extend the labeling machine's service life considerably.

Maintenance Tips For Labeling Machine

Upkeep on the labeler is vital and can extend its life if given greater care. The following are main issues to consider when maintaining labeling machines.

· Environment for installation and operation:

It needs to be at ambient temperature. Do not expose it to extreme variation of temperatures, i.e., humidity, or acidic conditions.

·  Maintain a clean environment.

It is quite simple to accumulate dust particles while operating, so dust cleaning is required on a frequent basis.

The machine can be cleaned using alcohol and neutral cleaning fluid. However, the following points should be considered

ü Avoid the use of cleaning solutions that could harm the machine's surface.

ü Use of toxic or corrosive plastic materials on the machine is prohibited.

ü Never use a liquid that has been dissolved in acid to clean the machine.

Labeling Machine

·  Lubrication

Lubricants are essential for labeling. Following a long period of use, add a wholesome quantity of lubricating oil to the machine.

Many components of the labeling machine, including the helical gear, bearings, shafts, and speed regulating box, are prone to rusting over time.

Lubricating oil can aid in the efficient operation of these components. One point to note is that lubricating oil must be added after two days of uninterrupted operation.

· Regular Check-up

If the labeling machine is not in use for a longer duration, you should disconnect the power supply and wrap it with an anti-dust linen to prevent dust from falling onto the machine.

Furthermore, brush the thermal girdle periodically to ensure that the machine runs smoothly.

· Clean the lens of inductor camera with only a microfiber cloth.

·  Replace the fuse on a regular basis. The labeling machine is powered by an asynchronous current electricity supply that requires a fuse to prevent overloading

· Remove any remnants of paper from the roller and the margin.

·  All components of the machine made from iron or steel should be sprayed with anti-rust oil for rust prevention.

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