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Testing the Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine for Pakistan Customers

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In the manufacturing industry, product identity and branding is a very important part of the entire production process.


For this reason, products are packaged in containers with labels that are peculiar to their brand as well as having other production information that will help consumers to make the right choice.


With such an indispensable need for product labelling and branding, manufacturers of industrial machines, are doing their part to ensure that high-quality pieces of machinery for product labelling are manufactured for various production companies.


It is, therefore, in response to such a high demand for high-quality labelling machine that we at Zhangjiang Nancheng Machinery Co., Ltd have remained committed to the production of such for the past two decades.


Our wealth of experience in the trade has endeared a lot of customers to us. Also, our team of highly experienced engineers who are very keen on quality with maximum attention to the least details in product specification have all remained our source of pride as a heavyweight in the industry.


Talking about us being a heavyweight in the manufacture of various industrial filling machine, this highly reputable position has earned us several business transactions with lots of clients from across the world.


And without any form of exaggeration or vagueness in our claims of being the best hands in the manufacture of premium labelling machine and other industrial filling machines for either water, juice or oil for the past 22 years, we recently had the opportunity to do business with one of our clients in Pakistan.


Just as it is the normal procedure for our clients, specifications for an automatic sleeve labelling machine was received from our client, and according to our client “I need the automatic sleeve labelling to be designed and built with strict compliance to my specifications.”


With such a keen interest in quality and an automatic sleeve labelling machine that is customized to for his unique use, our team of engineers sprang into action to ensure that the machine is completed within the stipulated time frame.


With the right tools in the hands of the best brains when it comes to the manufacture of automatic sleeve labelling machine, within a few days, the automatic sleeve labelling machine was fully assembled according to the specification we received from our client in Pakistan.


We conducted a series of tests on the machines in the Chinese factory, and sent a video of the test machine to Pakistani customers on August 22 to show customers our automatic sleeve labeling machine equipment.


Automatic Sleeve Labeling Machine

After the test machine is completed, the goods will be shipped to our customer's factory in Pakistan. The goods have arrived in the past two days. The customer has installed and tested the machine to make sure everything is in order.


Sure, everything worked perfectly well in the machine, and our Pakistan client was really impressed with the delivery, and he said


"This is exactly the type of automatic sleeve labelling machine I have always dreamt of having in my factory. Thank you Zhangjiang Nancheng Machinery Co., Ltd for making this dream come true”


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