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Water Filling Line Equipment And Components

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As we all know that water is the primary source of life and it is also very important for our health. For a water to be safe for use, it has to be sterile.


Sterile water can be produced from any natural sources like lakes, groundwater, seawater, rivers, etc. and for this to be achieved, it has to go through the water production process.


The water filling line is a very important set up in the water production industry. It is the powerhouse of the water production process.


A complete water filling line is made up of different units that work together to ensure the efficiency of the production process.

 complete water filling line

Under operation, the water filling line takes care of the entire production activities such as;


ü Washing and cleaning of bottles


ü Placing the bottles in position


ü Filling the bottles with sterile water under pressure


ü Capping and labeling the filled bottles


ü Wrapping and sealing of the packaged bottles.


Therefore, if you are interested in getting into the water production business, it is ideal to contact a reliable water filling line manufacturer. With this, you are assured of getting the best deal.


Components of water filling line


There are different components of the water filling line, the major one being the water bottle packaging machine while other components are supplementary.


1. The water bottle packaging machine


This is the major component of the water filling line.


The water bottle packaging machine carries out the water filling and packaging processes which include filling, capping, and labeling.


The machine also ensures that appropriate volumes of sterile water filled into the bottles are maintained throughout a particular production batch.


This is very important when upholding a standard production and quality control.


However, there is various water bottle packaging machine, and they are categorized according to their levels of automation which includes the semi-automatic and fully automated water filling machine, and the tabletop machine.


2. The tank


The tank functions as a reservoir for the sterile water which is made to flow via a designated hose.


The tank size, material, and location depend on some factors such as the method of water flow, production demand, etc.


However, there are various types of supply tanks for different types of water filling machines – an example is the gravity water filling machines which uses supply tanks that are placed above the nozzles.


3. The water production pathway


During production, water needs to move from the tank or reservoir to the bottles. This is where the water production pathway comes in.


The production pathway consists of the plumbing, the nozzles, and the tubes. The constituent of the production pathway is what connects the tank to the waiting bottles.


However, the production pathway differs with different water filling machines due to the tank location and other factors.


Depending on the model of the machine and the production requirement, the materials for plumbing and tubing varies.


Final Words


For anyone to set up a water production factory, it is appropriate to determine the components of the water filling line as it is needed for the successful operation of water production.


Depending on the model, quality, and other factors, the price of the water filling line may differ.


Therefore, to get the best quality water filling line for your business, ensure to patronize a professional manufacturer.


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