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The operation steps of the bottle blowing machine

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In order to ensure the quality of the bottle blowing products, standardize the operation method of the bottle blowing machine, realize standardized operation, and provide technical reference for the technicians who operate the bottle blowing machine, so that the operation of the bottle blowing machine can be standardized and standardized.



1. Place the preform in the preform container and automatically enter the preform positioning device through the conveying device.


2.Automatically load the preform with the preform mouth upwards onto the preform holder, and then send it to the drying tunnel.


3. After heating, the preform is sent to the blowing platform, then the mold is locked, followed by low-pressure blowing, high-pressure blowing, exhaust, and finally mold opening.

bottle blowing machine 

4. The finished bottle is taken down from the bottle blowing platform by the automatic demoulding system.


Standardized operating procedures

1. Lubricating oil must be added to all moving parts before starting each shift. The swing arm can be added once every three or four days, and the large chain and small chain of the heating machine can be added once a month. Frequently check the main engine reducer and whether the heating machine reducer is out of oil. The main engine bearing can be added once every 3 months.


2. Check whether the pneumatic components are leaking and whether their actions are sensitive; check whether the triple valve body is leaking abnormally, whether it is blocked, and whether the water cup is too full.


3. The blowing mold must be cleaned and cleaned regularly. When the solenoid valve of the bottle blowing machine encounters an abnormality, it should be cleaned in time.


4. When opening the high and low pressure air source switch, you must act slowly to prevent the air source flow rate from blowing dirt into the solenoid valve. At the same time, open the exhaust valve for 30 seconds to ensure that the air is clean. When starting the machine, you must make sure that the mechanical parts are in good condition and there are no foreign objects. Especially the movement position, so as not to hurt people.

bottle blowing machine 

5. When starting the machine, the heating machine must be started first to prevent voltage fluctuations. Before starting the heating, make sure that the cooling water is turned on. Two or three minutes after the heating is started, wait for the oven temperature to rise evenly, and then release the preform. During the operation of the machine, the blowers should pay attention to safety when placing blanks and taking bottles. It is strictly forbidden to reach into the mold. When encountering an emergency, brake hard to find the problem and solve it quickly.



1. The use of oil-free airbag mold clamping technology, large clamping force, no mold expansion, and the use of double crank joints have the advantages of less force, no wear, and long service life.


3. Adopt sealing fly-out technology to make sealing and jar mouth sealing easier without deformation.


3. It adopts PLC computer control, touch screen display, easy to operate, reliable, and high stability.


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