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Three filling methods of filling machine

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Many laymen on filling machines are surprised when they see the filling machine for the first time. This fully automatic equipment and efficient operation process are admirable.


However, how much do you know about the filling machine technology and methods currently on the market? I will introduce to you below.


1. Isobaric Filling

The isobaric filling method first uses the compressed air of the air tank on the liquid storage tank to inflate and fill the container, so that the pressure in the liquid storage tank and the container are almost equal. In this closed system, the liquid substance flows into the container under its own weight. , Suitable for ventilation fluid. Its working process: Inflation is equal to pressure, water enters and returns, stops the liquid, releases the pressure (releasing the remaining gas pressure in the bottle to avoid a sudden drop in the pressure in the bottle, causing bubbles, and affecting the quantitative accuracy)


2. Vacuum filling

The vacuum filling method uses the pressure difference between the filling liquid and the exhaust port to suck out the gas in the container for filling. The pressure difference can make the product flow rate greater than equal pressure filling. It is especially suitable for liquid filling of small-mouth containers, viscose products or large-capacity containers.


However, the vacuum filling system requires an overflow collection device and a product recirculation device. Due to the different forms of vacuum generation, different differential pressure filling methods are produced.


A. Low gravity vacuum filling method

The container needs to maintain a certain degree of vacuum, and the container needs to be sealed. Low vacuum is to eliminate overflow and back flow in the vacuum filling process, and prevent gaps and gaps from being filled by mistake. If the container does not reach the required vacuum, no liquid will flow out of the filling valve port. When encountering gaps or cracks in the container, the filling will automatically stop. The liquid product in the liquid storage tank flows into the bottle through the thin sleeve valve, and the pipe in the middle of the sleeve can be used for exhaust.


When the container automatically rises under the valve, the spring in the valve opens under pressure, and the pressure in the bottle is equal to the low vacuum at the upper part of the storage tank through the exhaust pipe, and gravity filling starts. When the liquid level rises to the exhaust port, the filling will automatically stop. This method rarely has turbulence and does not require ventilation. It is especially suitable for filling wine or alcohol. The alcohol concentration remains the same, and the wine will not overflow or flow back.


B. Pure vacuum filling method

When the pressure of the filling system is lower than atmospheric pressure, the sealing block of the filling valve faces the container and opens the valve at the same time. Since the container connected to the vacuum chamber is in a vacuum state, the liquid will be quickly sucked into the container until the predetermined liquid is filled. some. Usually, a large amount of liquid is pumped into the vacuum chamber and then recovered after entering the overflow.

juice filling machines 

The process flow of the vacuum filling method is:

1. Vacuum container. 

2. Air intake and exhaust. 

3. Stop inflow. 

4. Reflow of the remaining liquid.


The vacuum filling method can increase the filling speed, reduce the contact between the product and the air, and help extend the shelf life of the product. Its completely enclosed state also limits the escape of active ingredients in the product.


3. Pressure filling

The pressure filling method is the opposite of the vacuum filling method. The tank sealing system is above atmospheric pressure, and positive pressure acts on the product. Liquid or semi-liquid can be filled by pressurizing the reserved space on the top of the storage box or using a pump to push the product into the filling container. The pressure method can keep the pressure at both ends of the product and the exhaust pipe higher than the atmospheric pressure, and the pressure at the end of the product is higher, which helps to keep the carbon dioxide content of some beverages low.


This pressure valve is suitable for filling products that cannot be vacuumed. Such as alcoholic beverages, hot beverages, liquid materials with slightly higher viscosity.


Nancheng's water filling machines, wine filling machines, and juice filling machines all adopt different filling methods, and only provide customers with high-quality and satisfactory products.


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