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Tips for using ink-jet printers and ink saving tips

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Ink-jet printers spray colored liquid ink into fine particles through nozzles and spray them onto the printing paper. So what are the tips and ink saving tips for using ink-jet printers?Lets find out today.


Tips for using ink-jet printers

1. In the process of using color ink-jet cartridges (here refers to the same ink cartridges), pay attention to the balanced use of red, yellow, blue and other tones. Don't just print pictures that focus on one color, because as long as one of the ink cartridges is used up Even if the other colors are not used up, the ink-jet cartridge cannot be used. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution of the printed picture, the more ink is used.


2. Do not switch the printer frequently, because many types of printers will perform self-checking procedures when they are turned on, which will consume ink. Try to collect the materials that need to be printed and print them together, which will also save ink.

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3. If the integrated ink cartridge print head is dry and clogged, the following methods can be used to improve it:

(1) Immerse the print head part in warm water for about 10-20 minutes, let the warm water dissolve the dried dye (note: keep the circuit board dry).


(2) Put the print head on a few soft and dry paper towels, and let the paper towels slowly absorb the residual moisture and ink from the nozzle. Please do not wipe the print head hard. If the ink cartridge needs to be used immediately, it can be returned to the correct position in the printer.


(3) Do not print again when the ink cartridge is out of ink, printing will cause the nozzle to burn out.


Tips for saving ink

For users who use compatible ink or refill, there are a few suggestions to keep in mind:


1. Ensure that the nozzles of the replenished ink cartridges are in good condition.

2. It is best to use high-quality original ink to add ink.


3. Before refilling the ink, the ink cartridge should be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise the mixing of two different inks is likely to cause a chemical reaction, leading to malfunctions such as plugging. Cleaning the ink cartridge with the built-in software can only solve the slight clogging. It is best to inject water into the ink cartridge with a syringe before adding the ink. Try not to let the water overflow, then grab the ink cartridge with your hand and shake it gently. , Let the remaining ink fully dissolve in the added water.


4. When filling the ink cartridge with ink, it is necessary to grasp the amount of ink, not too much.

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5. Prevent the ink cartridge from being exposed to the air for a long time and become dry and clogged. Although there are ways to clean it, the ink cartridge should be filled immediately after the ink cartridge is about to finish. If the printer is not used for a short time, you can also put the ink cartridge in a dedicated ink cartridge storage box. The rubber pad inside can block the air and keep the nozzle moist.


6. After filling the ink cartridge with ink, it is best to let the ink cartridge stand for a few minutes, so that the ink can slowly soak the sponge to ensure the printing quality.


7. Because the print head may be blocked by paper fibers during the use of the ink cartridge, resulting in poor printing effect, it is essential to clean the print head regularly. When cleaning the nozzle, use wet paper towels and lint-free paper towels to gently clean the edge of the nozzle without touching the nozzle. You can also use the cleaning button on the control panel of the ink-jet printer until the printing effect is clear.


There are many ways to use ink-jet printers, but how to use it depends on the specific situation. For details, please consult Nancheng Machinery for more usage methods. We will definitely reply as soon as possible.


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