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What is a labeling machine and how does it save labor costs?

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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, industries such as food, medicine, and daily necessities all have demand for automatic labeling machines. Labeling machine companies must continue to reform and innovate, strengthen corporate responsibilities, so as to meet the needs of market development.


The labeling machine is a device that sticks a roll of self-adhesive label paper (paper or metal foil) on the specified product packaging. The labeling machine is an indispensable labeling equipment for packaging today. The labeling machine can improve the labeling quality, precision and packaging aesthetics. And improve work efficiency, reduce labor costs, so as to achieve multi-functional equipment.


When the labeling machine is working, the box advances to the self-adhesive labeling machine at a constant speed on the conveyor belt. The fixing device on the mechanical equipment separates the boxes by a fixed distance and pushes the boxes to move along the conveyor belt. The mechanical system of the labeling machine includes a driving wheel, a labeling wheel and a reel. The drive wheel drags the label tape intermittently, and then pulls the label tape out of the reel.

 labeling machine

At the same time, the labeling wheel will press the label tape on the box through the self-adhesive labeling machine wheel. Open loop displacement control is used on the reel to maintain the tension of the label tape. Since the labels are closely connected on the label tape, the label tape must be continuously started and stopped.


There are many types oflabeling materials and shapes for labeling machines, and there are many types and types of labeling objects, and labeling requirements are also different. There are many types of labeling machines. Different types of labeling machines have differences in the labeling process and the structure of related equipment. Of course, there are also commonalities.


Automatic labeling machines have a wide range of applications in various industries. In large supermarkets, labels are attached to a dazzling array of commodities, and labels are the second life of commodities, and this kind of product is also developing rapidly. It has replaced many imported equipment with practical operability and low price. However, if my country's automatic labeling machine is to enter the market, it must pay more attention to quality and improve competitiveness.


The main advantage of the automatic labeling machine is that it can effectively save labor costs. Let us analyze it carefully below:


For example: Manually marking 5,000 labels per day and 18,000 labels per day with equipment, the efficiency has increased by more than three times. Buying a piece of equipment can save 2 people and pay back the investment within three months. In the past, the workload of pasting trademarks was very small and took up a lot of human resources. But with the advent of labeling machines, this labeling situation is gone forever.

 labeling machine

The automatic labeling machine greatly speeds up the production speed of the goods. You must be very careful when choosing a labeling machine, and you need to be more careful when using it. Maintenance and maintenance are very important, and also very important in maintenance and maintenance. A certain amount of manpower, material and financial resources must be invested. The increase in labeling speed is a new revolutionary era for automatic labeling machines. When we can drink delicious beverages, we must also consider the role of automatic labeling machines.


The improved function of the labeling machine saves more manpower and financial resources. In order to improve the quality of product packaging, many brands have done hard work on the outer packaging. The improved function of the labeling machine can ensure that different products have different requirements for labeling.


The development of automatic labeling machines is inseparable from technicians and R&D personnel. In this case, we tend to choose a very suitable and ideal automatic labeling machine to replace manual labor.


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