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Types Of Equipment Required For A Water Filling Machine

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The water filling machine requires specific pieces of equipment during the production process because the water produced must be hygienic for drinking. So certain sanitation requirements must be attained during the production process, likewise, the equipment used must be efficient to carry out the production process successfully.

The water filling machine requires equipment such as cleaning tools, conveyors, filling types of equipment, cappers, and labeled for packaging after production. This equipment must be efficient to enhance the good yield of products and if any of these pieces of equipment got damaged it could delay the production process.


1. The bottling equipment

When you’re producing a product that will be consumed mostly if it's liquid, the bottling equipment must be designed for safety. The water filling machine must be designed in such a way that the bottling equipment must be easy to clean and also be resistant to corrosion and bacteria that may destroy the quality of the water.


2. Cleaning/rinsing equipment

The water filling machine must be cleaned before the production process starts and during the production process, the water bottles must be cleaned thoroughly to be sure it free from contaminants.

The cleaning equipment always ensures that the bottle and the water filling machine are dust-free and from other particles that can make water unsafe for drinking.

Also, the packaging lines always use air rinsers to remove any possible contaminants during the packaging and are designed to clean any bottles of different types, shapes, and sizes.

3. Conveyor equipment

After the cleaning equipment has washed, air rinses the bottle very well, then the water filling machine can begin with a proper filling of the water inside the bottle. It's very easy to control the water filling machine after it has been fully controlled and set up.

The conveyor equipment is very effective because it organizes, arranges the bottle into the water filling lines, and ensures that it moves to the next section.

Gravity fillers are used in the water filling machine because water is of low viscosity and for easy flow during production, gravity fillers are designed in the machine.

4. Capping equipment

After the bottles are filled with water, the next equipment is the capping equipment, the water produced needs to be airtight and the machine is designed with watertight caps to prevent the water from contaminants and leakage, efficient capping equipment will seal, airtight the bottles of various sizes and height.

Operators can adjust the capping equipment to various sizes according to its neck width to ensure accuracy while capping it.


5. Labeling equipment

Lastly, after capping the labeling equipment will be applied and it is done by applying clear names paper to label the water bottle which could be done for bottles of different sizes and shapes.

The labeling equipment is pressure sensitive which prevents the bottle from damage when applying the labels and it will also last longer.

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